My New Friend

Just got this from the local antique store:

I found her when shopping for a new watering can, since I let Ingi use mine for sprinkling vinegar on the weeds. She’s pretty cool, huh? Her fabric is a little tattered, but the price was amazing ($30) and the dressform is adjustable to my measurements on up. I can even adjust it to height. She’ll be my new sewing helper. I’ve been wanting one of these for YEARS. (I also got a great new metal watering can for my garden that is way better than my old one.)

I stumbled upon this site about safe cosmetics and it fascinates me. Now I am searching for all my favourite brands in the Skin Deep cosmetic safety database and it kind of freaks me out. Makes me want to make my own, or buy makeup from Honeybee Gardens.

I just picked back up a book (The Bonesetter’s Daughter) that had been sitting on my bedside table unfinished, and finished it in something like a day. It was amazing, I can’t figure out why I had set it down. It is a beautiful story about family and being a girl.

We also watched Brokeback Mountain last night. Beautiful scenery (then again, what does one expect from Ang Lee), and poignant. I’m very happy to have a husband who is secure enough in his masculinity to watch a movie about gay cowboys.


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2 Responses to “My New Friend”

  1. Jenna Says:

    OMIGOD! I am so jealous! I totally want to kidnap your dressform. You find dressforms in antique stores and I find dust!

  2. southerngirlmusings Says:

    Ok, I have never seen one of these at the thrift store, major score for you! Have fun with your new friend.

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