UFO Fimmtadagur

Well, there isn’t much left of Thursday, and I think WordPress thinks it’s Friday, but I figured I’d review some UFOs/WIPs, as I think about the weather changing and longing to wrap things up so I can start new ones:
Felted lunch bag – I was sketching out a design to do on the top of the bag. Have to find the sketch and dig up my lopi odds and ends and finish the darn thing

“Yellow” sweater from Rebecca magazine – Need to find/make swatch and check out how this yarn behaves once washed, and figure out if I am frogging the front of the sweater or not.

Bavarian Rockstar socks – Need to find the finished sock, the yarn, and the now 9 Pony Pearl needles that I have.

Dinosaur lopapeysa (no in process pictures) – Need to buy one more colour of yarn for the yoke and I can’t recall if I need to make the sleeves or if I’ve already done them.

Then of course there is MS3, the corn socks, and the Bergere de France sweater. I worked on the socks on the bus this morning and I am now going to see how much progress I can make on the stole.


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