Six Sox KAL

I’ve been a member of the Six Sox KAL for a little while, so I figured I’d review some of the projects I made, and ask for some advice.

First I made the Horcrux socks for my sister. If I did them again, I’d use a less busy yarn. I have no idea how you Sockapalooza-ites photograph your pals’ socks. My sister’s feet are way bigger than mine, so it’s a bit challenging to photograph them without it looking silly.

Then I made the Victorian Lace socks. I am pretty happy with how they came out. The toe is pretty clever, you do a short row and then join at the top. Now, here is my dilemma. If you look closely, I did the 3-needle bindoff wrong on the first sock (inside out), because I am used to kitchenering. The second sock I did correctly. Note how little yarn I have left. So. Do I take apart the toe on the “wrong” sock, or is it not that bad? There is a little ridge on that one. I’ll probably mostly wear them inside shoes with toes (I’m not a big sock+sandal wearer). What do you think?

Then there is the latest sock in the KAL, I ❤ Gansey. I tried it with my Queen Anne’s lace yarn (Trekking Pro Natura base). This is very thin yarn, and so these needles are too big for it. It’s not getting a very tight gauge. So I think I need to add a few purl stitches here and there and make the socks on smaller needles. Kind of sad to rip, but I think they will be better for it. So I think I will put them aside for now and work on some of the other projects I have going on, and revisit this later.


4 Responses to “Six Sox KAL”

  1. Beth S. Says:

    I feel silly–I didn’t realize I hadn’t updated my Bloglines subscription! No wonder I hadn’t seen any new posts from you for a while. But now it’s fixed and I get to catch up. 🙂

  2. Maggan Says:

    Finally I saw the tag on your old blog so I found you again!! I´ve been wondering where you´ve been…. now I know 😉
    I´ve been thinking of making the Horcrux socks too…. but they are getting better in an singlecolored yarn?
    I haven´t decided yet wich yarn but I have some in my stash 😉
    Hugs from Maggan

  3. Jenna Says:

    You know me, I’d say rip out the toe and do it again. But I am anal and crazy and maybe even a little neurotic. Since no one other than you, and all of us on the internet, will ever know the toe is backwards, you could totally get away with leaving it. Assuming you don’t develop an eye twitch every time you wear them because you know that the one toe is issumatic. That would be bad.

  4. Mice ate my garlic « Knitting And A Movie Says:

    […] I think one may be still in the bimmer from Rhinebeck, but I have to actually buy 2 colours. The Queen Anne’s lace gansey socks need to be frogged and redone on smaller needles (do they count as a WIP then?) And there is the […]

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