Various and Sundried Tomatoes

This weekend I went to the farmer’s market and they had Italian tomatoes, so I bought a kilo of them and decided to try making my own “sun”-dried (really oven-dried) tomatoes. Most of the instructions I found were pretty easy: slice them in quarter-inch pieces and spread out on a baking sheet, and let set in a low temperature oven (200F/93C) for 6-10 hours. I learned two important lessons: do not slice the tomatoes too thin (I guess a quarter inch is bigger than I estimated), and do not forget they are in the oven and leave them in with it on overnight (luckily, I did not burn down the house). My tomatoes are a little crisp, but I think they will be OK. I don’t look forward to scrubbing the pans they were on.

It’s been chilly enough to wear wool socks and even sweaters in the morning, but we are supposed to get warm weather again before it’s all done. Still, I am not so sure that I should keep working on this sweater much longer this year, I may put it back aside and pick it up in the spring. I started it in 2004, but then this smocking was driving me crazy and I put it aside until last month. I have the back and almost one of the fronts done. The smocking is still really annoying, it requires an extra needle and it breaks up the flow. But it’s not as bad as I remember, I think I had a decent break. I think it will be very pretty, whenever I do finish it, but I long to be working with wool.


One Response to “Various and Sundried Tomatoes”

  1. HildeC Says:

    Dried tomatoes are really tasty. The first time I tried it at home I also cut them too thin, used too much heat for too long, and all that was left on the baking sheet was brown, flat circles. I couldn’t even remove them from the sheet. We live and learn 🙂

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